Week in Training, March 8 2020

Week one of training is complete! It feel so good to be back running! My injured knee seems to be holding up fairly well. At this point it is more the calf on that leg that is giving me some problems. It constantly feels tight and like it wants to cramp. I may have to talk with a PT about it.

Unfortunately, my time recovering has not done wonders for my fitness. I have decided to do a fair amount of low heart rate training (as discussed by Phil Maffetone) as one of my persistent problems is running with a HR in the 170-175 range. Everyone who talks about low heart rate training says that initially they feel like they are crawling and boy is that true! 10k at a rate of 10min per km feels beyond slow compared with my normal 6:50-7:00. But at the end of the run I don't feel all that wiped out, which is nice for a change, and I barely feel out of breath through the entire time.

Overall stats for the week are:

  • Total Distance: 26.2 km

  • Total Time: 4 hr 4 min

  • Elevation Gain: 262 m


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