Rampart Range Resivoir Run/Hike

Today we decided to push up mileage a bit. The Wife’s knee was feeling good after the 5k Saturday evening, so we headed to Rampart Range Reservoir for a 10k.

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The Sunlight Showdown

Sunlight Ski Area Trail Map

This was my first race post-COVID! It was really nice to be back racing, even if it was at a small event. The biggest problem with a small even is that I place behind almost everyone, but for a race like this one, it isn't that big of a deal. This race is mostly about the experience.

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Climbing Mt. Massive

View west from Mt. Massive

One of the advantages of having a "normal" job is that I get federal holidays off. Somewhat of a mixed blessing, in reality, but as an end result, I ended up with a 3 day weekend for the 4th of July. I decided to take the opportunity to climb another 14er, since I would have plenty of time to recover.

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Climbing Mt. Sherman

View from the top of Mt. Sheridan

Having failed to reach the top of Mt. Sherman back in May (mainly because the skiing looked so much better on Mt. Sheridan), I decided to return now that summer has officially started and hike the mountain.

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Mineral Basin Drone Footage

My father and I went exploring today to see how high up roads were open. The road over Cottonwood Pass was still closed (as are the roads over Independence Pass and to the top of Mt. Evans), so we went on the road that goes by Cottonwood Lake up to Mineral Basin.

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