Major Upcoming Races

Three Creeks Half Marathon: 4/4/2020

I had hoped to use this race to set a new PB for a half marathon, but due to a knee injury while skiing, I don't think I will have enough training time to actually do that. Still going to plan on running it, but I'll mainly be happy with finishing it.

Turquoise Lake 20k: 6/6/2020

Ran this one two years ago. The first half of the course isn't all that interesting (it runs along a road) but the second half is on trails around a lake. Altitude is a major issue here so this works well as a test/training event for my other high races.

Mt. Evans Ascent: 6/14/2020

Last year this race only went to the half way point due to conditions of the road at the top of the mountain. And, if it would have continued, I would have just missed the cutoff to continue. Hoping to do a lot better this year.

Slacker Half Marathon: 6/27/2020

Now my hopes for a half marathon PB are set on this race. It is all downhill or flat, starting around 10,000 feet and finishing at ~8500 feet.

Pike's Peak Ascent: 8/22/2020

The big race, for me, of the summer. I'd like to do it in under 5 hours (I managed about 6:25 last year).


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