Nikola Gallery Setup

Nikola has a very nice built in gallery feature that includes a JS based viewer. There are a number of changes that are needed to make Nikola's handeling of both images and galleries more useful for a site with more of a focus on photography.

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Finally a Nice Day!

Trail at Palmer Park in late afternoon light

Today was my second day actually back running after my knee injury in late January and fortunately, the weather decided to cooperate. A lot of February has been fairly cold/windy so doing anything outside has been a real chore. This is such a difference from my normal experience in Colorado Springs during the winter! I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of days this past month where it was in the 50s by the end of the work day. So I headed to Palmer Park afer work to take advantage of the day and of some relatively flat dirt trails (please emphasize "relatively"). Due to snow earlier in the week, there was some mud, though the main trails were mostly clear. Lots of people were out with their dogs also enjoying the weather.

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Stryd Long Term Review

Stryd Running Pod

If you haven't heard of the Stryd running pod, you should go check out their site.

Essentially, this device is a foot-pod, meaning it is a small piece of gear you clip to the laces of your running shoes. It is advertized as a running power meter. There is a fair amount of debate about how closely the number the device and the company's software comes up with corresponds to your actual running power output, but in my experience, I does a good job of providing a reproducible level of effort.

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Cross Country Skiing at North Cottonwood Road

Another cross country ski outing, this time up North Cottonwood Road, heading toward the trailhead for Mt. Columbia and Mt. Harvard. Weather was snowing and near freezing. Unfortunately there was a fair amount of wind too. Total distance of 5.37 km with a total elevation gain of 159 meters.

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Major Upcoming Races

Three Creeks Half Marathon: 4/4/2020

I had hoped to use this race to set a new PB for a half marathon, but due to a knee injury while skiing, I don't think I will have enough training time to actually do that. Still going to plan on running it, but I'll mainly be happy with finishing it.

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Deciding on a web platform

It has been a long time since I did much with a personal web page. Back when I did have one, it was during the days of hand-coded websites or using Dreamweaver, if you only wanted someone using Internet Explorer to be able to use you page. Life happens and my website fell into disuse and I eventually took it down. I'm now at a point in life where I have a bit more free time and think it could be fun to have a website again. I am going to want something between a blog and an informational site, as both formats have their uses and their downsides.

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Hike up the Mt. Sniktau Trail

One my way home from an overnight in Frisco, I stopped at the top of Loveland Pass and did a short hike to the east of the pass. Technically, I think it is the Mt. Sniktau Trail, or the trail to Grizzly Peak though I did not go to either of these.

Beginning of the trail

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Snow Run

Went on a not-so-quick run on the Midland trail today. It was supposed to be about an hour, ended up being an hour and a half.

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